Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who is April? 'Cause she has a great spot!

I don't know her last name and I can't find anything about her on the Internet. But there's a series of TERRIFIC radio spots running in the Los Angeles area, for Mercedes Benz of Beverly Hills.

They consist of a woman named April who's reading the ad copy, about how this Beverly Hills car company is making deals, and she keeps interjecting hilarious comments - "In Beverly Hills, a deal is buying a $600,000 right shoe and getting the left one free!" And, "What do you do, throw in the doors for free?" And the dealer, in an increasingly annoyed voice, keeps having to reassure her that, yes, they really do make good deals, because "if you get a good deal, you'll be happy, and if you're happy you'll come back." Which really GETS April - "Oooohh ... oh, you're GOOD!"

Now THAT's a good car ad - Mitsubishi, are you paying attention? (Not that I could ever afford to buy a Mercedes Benz now matter HOW great the deal is - but then I can't afford a Mitsubishi either, so, moot point, right?)

Another good series of car ads, these on TV, are the Toyota Sienna spots where the little boys keep encouraging the engineers to crash the cars - exactly the sort of thing little boys like to do, right? The Toyota guy finally tells them they're out of cars and one of the boys says, "How about your car?" Funny!

For disclosure's sake I should mention that I did recently buy a new car, and it's a Toyota, but I didn't buy it because of the commercials. I bought it because my old car broke down in front of the Toyota dealership. 'nuff said?


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what a co-inky-dink... April hosts a blog here too!!!!!

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