Friday, April 25, 2008

The Decision!

OK, I've made a decision (finally!) - I'm starting a new blog, combining the best* elements of my other blogs!

If you've been loyal enough to bookmark this page, please change your bookmark to:

Thank you and goodbye!

*yes, yes, I know that's a debatable point - let's just say the best elements I'm capable of!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blogs coming out my you know what!

(deep breath) I just deleted TWO BLOGS.

(another deep breath) Yes, it was painful but it had to be done.

I once overheard an employee at Iliad Books in North Hollywood, CA confide to another guy that they had so many books there it felt like he had a "whole lot of poopy in his colon". I was kind of getting that way with my blogs.

The more blogs you have, the more guilt you feel when you don't keep them up. So I'm afraid, friends and neighbors, that I may wind up deleting this one too.

My idea is I'll just settle on ONE blog and put everything in it - no matter what the subject - rather than creating an unending succession of guilt-inducing blogs that rarely get updated.

As of now I only have two active blogs - this one, and this one. I'm going to put a similar version of this post over there, and see which one gets the most traffic/comments by this time next week. And the one that doesn't make the cut - gets cut.

Let the games ... BEGIN!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mazel Tov!

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd check in - as you can see, I've been busybusybusy starting and abandoning new blogs!

But here I am, your favorite Aunt Chrissy, ready to give you my pithy* observations on the world! (* and no, I do NOT lisp!)

So what would you like to know? I'll tell you something I'D like to know - is anyone reading this blog?

Anyone at all?


Monday, June 04, 2007

My sweet Charlie ...

My sweet, funny ol' cat Charlie died last week. He had been missing for a week, and we finally found his cold lifeless body curled up under the neighbors' fence. He didn't look like he'd been injured - just like he'd gone to sleep and never woke up.

I had originally found him in the parking lot of the apartment where I used to live. Or should I say -- he found me!

I had been determined not to have any cats in this apartment. But he just kept running up the stairs with me every evening when I came home from work, sleeping on the doormat outside and greeting me with a friendly "meow" in the morning. And one day it was pouring down rain, and I just couldn't stand to leave him outside, so ... voila! I had been adopted!

I named "Charlie" because he always reminded me of a seedy poker player, like Uncle Charlie in "My Three Sons". All he needed was a fedora and a cigar to complete the image. And he went back to the parking lot every night, to hang out with his poker buddies and chase chicks. Even after I had him fixed, he still couldn't resist going through the motions.

He had a lot of fun out there. And I think his heart was broken when we moved to a house with a yard. He seemed to enjoy it at first, but I think he missed his poker buddies, and couldn't deal with the tranquility of the suburbs after the noise and excitement of the big city. So sometime last week, he just crawled under the neighbors' fence, went to sleep, and never woke up.

I hope he was having happy dreams about the life he enjoyed, and the happy life he gave me. Goodbye, Charlie.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wedding planning and mental illness

As you may remember from my earlier SQUEE! post, I'm happily engaged to wonderful Steve P. We've set the date for April 21, 2007.

Well, this past Saturday, October 21, 2006, at around 3 p.m., it kinda dawned on us that that would be, um, exactly SIX MONTHS TO THE SECOND till our actual wedding, so maybe we oughta kinda sorta think about not procrastinating anymore, and actually start planning.

Among all the OTHER stuff we have to do - caterer, DJ, flowers, photography - we, as the good Catholics that we are (ahem!) also have to go through what's called "Pre-Cana" counseling sessions. I found this rather daunting description of what we're in for. Do you think Cardinal Mahoney's read it?

Anyway, there are so many things to do - which means a whole lot of opportunities to go COMPLETELY INSANE!

But I'm determined NOT to become a "Bridezilla". I'm just going to relax and enjoy this very special time ... till after the wedding, when I become "Wifezilla"! (Steve P. -- don't say you haven't been warned! heh heh!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No hay una problema, mihijo!

To mi amado Steve P., who's concerned about Southern California becoming part of Mexico, all I can say is vaya con el flujo, prometido mio, y practicar tu espaƱol!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Engaged! Squee!! and (Eeek!!!)

It's been a couple of months since I've updated my blog. But I thought, since I have some actual news, I'd go ahead and tell the world (or at least, that 0.0000003% of the world that actually reads my blog).

So - drum roll please - here goes:


Yes, it's true! In a very squee!-worthy weekend, sweet Steve P. finally got up the noive to ask the Big Question, and despite my usual smart-alecky tendencies, I managed to get out the Right Answer, which was (of course!) Yes!

And I'm really happy, because he's such a wonderful guy. (Sigh!) And I love the idea of (a) being engaged and (b) being married.

The only fly in the ointment (other than the cats - which I'll discuss in another entry, later) is the dawning realization that sometime, somehow -


See, here's the thing - I'm not really very good at planning "events". My parents' 50th wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching and I haven't even STARTED thinking about how to deal with that. ($50 gift certificate at Starbucks, maybe? No? Okay, still thinking!)

So the idea of PLANNING A WEDDING sends Stephen King-like chills up my spine (which had already been melted into a semi-gelatinous form by trying to confront my Fear of Flying last weekend).

I guess it will all come together, somehow. But now I'm noticing all these "Bride" and "Modern Bride" and "Urban Bride" and "L.A. Bride" magazines on the newsstands and wondering if I'm really the "bride" type.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Steve P. already knows this, and still wants to marry me anyway. If so, then let me just indulge myself in another SQUUEEEEE!!! moment here - and now I'll get back to work, and deal with the Cat Issue later!