Friday, March 04, 2005

Toyota commercial would be classic ... if only ...

Okay, my first comment of March 2005 is that there is this Toyota commercial that would be TOTALLY perfect except for one tiny and purely subjective detail.

There's this sad-looking guy trudging along to sad-sounding music. He's ankle-cuffed to this decrepit old car and looks longingly at the really cool, working and AFFORDABLE new Toyota which pulls up alongside him.

I totally identify with him because for years and years I myself dragged along this hopelessly beat-up old car till I finally realized that, for only a little more than what it would cost to fix it up again and again and again, I could get a brand-new car, which I actually did - and yes, it was a Toyota. So you'd think this would be the perfect ad.

And it almost is. Except in my case, the hopeless old car I was dragging along for 10+ years ... was also a Toyota.

Nice try, though, Toyota, you almost got it right!


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