Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why I Hate Home Depot, and Why You Should Too

Have you seen the Osh Hardware commercial, where bewildered shoppers are wondering around a huge, impersonal hardware store (cough Home Depot cough) with big question marks on their shoulders, while sad piano music plinks in the background?

Well, recently I wandered through my own local H.D. for half an hour, with a big question mark on MY shoulder about vacuum bags - namely, do you have them and if so, where are they? I asked three different people and got three different answers.

The first one, a man, said, "I'm sure I've seen them around here somewhere," but made no move to actually try and find them for me.

The second one, a woman, at the CUSTOMER SERVICE desk, no less, said, and I quote, "I think they're in the same aisle where the vacuum cleaners are." But she didn't know where that aisle might actually be located, and didn't really seem to care.

The third and last, also a woman, said, "We don't carry vacuum cleaner bags." Oh! Thanks! If only I'd known that half an hour ago! (Though on the plus side, I did get my daily walking workout so I shouldn't complain too much, eh?)

Anyway, after that I left and went to my friendly neighborhood Lowe's (sorry, Osh, I like your commercial but you don't have a store anywhere near me) - and what a difference! As soon as I walked in the door there were at least half a dozen employees right there, and I had no problem finding someone to tell me exactly where my vacuum bags were located.

Okay, to be fair, they were off by one aisle. Still, it was such a relief to finally get the stupid bags that I'm willing to let them off the hook. Thanks, Lowe's!

(by the way, I haven't actually USED the vacuum cleaner bags yet - but it's nice to have them around, in case I feel the urge.)


Anonymous ET Dad (English Teacher Dad) said...

At first, I thought "wondering" around in HD was a mistake, but, on second thought, the word does seem appropriate. Nicely done...ET Dad

1:43 PM  
Blogger Aunt Chrissy said...

Gee, thanks, Dad! At least I know someone's reading my blog! ;-)

2:46 PM  

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