Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New hobby!

I've added some links to my favorite blogs (over there, to your right, see?) because I've found a new and absorbing hobby - sketching!

Actually, it's an old hobby, one which I've always had low self-esteem about. But I'm learning that you don't have to be Rembrandt to enjoy the pleasures of drawing - just draw it! (Hey, that's a good slogan - and if you hear some enterprising art supply store using it in the future, remember you heard it here first!)

Geez, sorry I'm not at my best today but I have a major headache and am trying to avoid using painkillers. Why? Because I'm a masochist, that's why. Actually, it's because I used to buy a specific brand of painkiller via an Internet pharmacy, which is sold over-the-counter in New Zealand, but my last order got stopped by U.S. Customs. They sent me a nice little warning letter, complete with a photocopied explanation.

Apparently it has something to do with Homeland Security. Now I'm all in favor of keeping painkillers out of the hands of terrorists - let 'em all suffer, I say! Only I'm not a terrorist, so it does seem a little unfair. However, I will swallow my inherent rebellion and try to live with Aleve or Advil instead ... at least "till this cruel war is over" ... ;-)


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