Monday, August 08, 2005

Wow - whatta man!!

There's a radio spot currently running in Los Angeles that always makes me laugh - a young girl is breathlessly telling her mom that she's engaged, and "guess what - he's a NOTARY PUBLIC!!!!"

Apparently some Notary Publics make over $100,000 a year. And good for them! But I've never thought of them as perfect husband material myself.

First of all, I actually know several Notary Publics -- all women. And none of them look particularly prosperous to me.

Second, seriously - even if a guy WERE a well-to-do-Notary Public, would that really be "gushworthy"? "Guess what - he's a Garbage Collector!!!!" might be more appealing. At least they get out in the fresh air every day.


Anonymous Karen Winters said...

Hi - found you via Drawing Club.
Regarding that notary spot, there's a little catch to how some make $100K a year.
Those who do are also called LAWYERS.
We know an atty who's also a notary so he can notarize any papers that need doing. But he doesn't make his bucks being a notary, that's for sure.
See you around the drawing world ...
Karen in LA

10:26 AM  

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