Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why I Love Public Libraries, and you should too!

Yeah, well, you know, when I came back from Christmas vacation I was kind of bummed out, and totally intended my next blog entry to be another "Why I Hate". This one would have been about RadioShack, and I still might do it later because, hey, RADIOSHACK, okay?

But here I am, sitting in front of a computer at the Atwater Village (CA) Public Library, enjoying FREE Internet access - updating my blog, checking my e-mail, surfing the Net, and just having a great time. So I thought I'd put in a plug for our wonderful beleagured Public Library system. God bless the Dewey Decimal System!

(Oh, by the way, there is absolutely NO firewall or "safe surfing" on these computers, which means it's the perfect place for your husbands/boyfriends/underage children to check their favorite porn sites. So next time one of your significant others tells you they're just "going to the library for a while", you might want to go with them. I'm just sayin'.)