Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Engaged! Squee!! and (Eeek!!!)

It's been a couple of months since I've updated my blog. But I thought, since I have some actual news, I'd go ahead and tell the world (or at least, that 0.0000003% of the world that actually reads my blog).

So - drum roll please - here goes:


Yes, it's true! In a very squee!-worthy weekend, sweet Steve P. finally got up the noive to ask the Big Question, and despite my usual smart-alecky tendencies, I managed to get out the Right Answer, which was (of course!) Yes!

And I'm really happy, because he's such a wonderful guy. (Sigh!) And I love the idea of (a) being engaged and (b) being married.

The only fly in the ointment (other than the cats - which I'll discuss in another entry, later) is the dawning realization that sometime, somehow -


See, here's the thing - I'm not really very good at planning "events". My parents' 50th wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching and I haven't even STARTED thinking about how to deal with that. ($50 gift certificate at Starbucks, maybe? No? Okay, still thinking!)

So the idea of PLANNING A WEDDING sends Stephen King-like chills up my spine (which had already been melted into a semi-gelatinous form by trying to confront my Fear of Flying last weekend).

I guess it will all come together, somehow. But now I'm noticing all these "Bride" and "Modern Bride" and "Urban Bride" and "L.A. Bride" magazines on the newsstands and wondering if I'm really the "bride" type.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Steve P. already knows this, and still wants to marry me anyway. If so, then let me just indulge myself in another SQUUEEEEE!!! moment here - and now I'll get back to work, and deal with the Cat Issue later!


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