Monday, March 21, 2005

Chew on this one, Schiavo watchers

Whatever else you may think about the Terri Schiavo case, you gotta admit, her hubbie Michael has definitely got a bright future in advertising, or politics.

In his "Nightline" interview, Mr. S earnestly explained to us, the idiots in the red states, that they weren't really going to starve his wife to death - just "remove her nutrition and hydration".

Um ... isn't that kinda the DEFINITION of starvation, Mikey?


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Enough to make Randall Terry reach for the curette

Okay, disclosure time - I am a Catholic, and therefore pro-life.

However, Carl's Jr.'s new "talking fetus" ad, in which said neonate proclaims his intention to "bust out of here" and maybe "grab something on the way out" if he doesn't get his artery-clogging burger RIGHT NOW -- is enough to make me reconsider ...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Even Bad Spots Sound Good when ...

they're REALLY OLD -- so if you're into time travel check out this great site: Airchecks:Radio:REELRADIO Reel Top 40 Radio Repository.

Interesting to note that radio advertising really hasn't changed all that much - still mostly about cars, cars, cars - but it's kinda cool to listen to a spot for a brand-new 1964 Plymouth Caprice!

Monday, March 07, 2005

I found April!!!

Great news! I found the (in)famous April of those hilarious Mercedes Benz of Beverly Hills ads -- the one I praised to the skies a couple of days ago.

Turns out I'm way behind the curve in knowing about her. Her name is APRIL WINCHELL, and here's a link to HER weblog. Apparently she's world famous and super talented and a whole lot of people already knew about her.

Sigh. Well, I never claimed to be perfect. (Actually, I have, but obviously ... once again ... I was wrong!)

Anyway, after a little hunting I found a place where I could shamelessly self-promote my own blog on her site, and also donated a couple of bucks. If anyone other than myself is reading this, why not do the same? I mean, since I don't have my OWN donation system set up yet, April may as well benefit from my own hundreds of thousands of readers. ;-)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Toyota commercial would be classic ... if only ...

Okay, my first comment of March 2005 is that there is this Toyota commercial that would be TOTALLY perfect except for one tiny and purely subjective detail.

There's this sad-looking guy trudging along to sad-sounding music. He's ankle-cuffed to this decrepit old car and looks longingly at the really cool, working and AFFORDABLE new Toyota which pulls up alongside him.

I totally identify with him because for years and years I myself dragged along this hopelessly beat-up old car till I finally realized that, for only a little more than what it would cost to fix it up again and again and again, I could get a brand-new car, which I actually did - and yes, it was a Toyota. So you'd think this would be the perfect ad.

And it almost is. Except in my case, the hopeless old car I was dragging along for 10+ years ... was also a Toyota.

Nice try, though, Toyota, you almost got it right!