Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why I hate the MTA (excuse me, METRO!) - but am still happy!

Well, my Valentine's Day was ... different, to say the least! Not quite what I'd expected, thanks to the crack team* at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (and for all I know they may BE the team that's on crack - not that I'm making any slanderous accusations or anything, just a personal opinion).

I snuck out of work 15 minutes early, planning to get home a little early so I could make myself look gorgeous for my anticipated evening with the incredibly handsome and sweet Steve P. Unfortunately, the MTA decided to sabotage my journey (and undoubtedly a lot of other would-be Valentine's Day journeyers as well) by first stalling a train at the 7th & Metro station, thus forcing all trains to run on a single track for about an hour; THEN when that problem was removed, by setting off a smoke detector at the Vermont & Santa Monica station.

Now the MTA (excuse me, Metro!) has an interesting way of dealing with situations like this: they throw all the train riders out on the street and abandon them to whatever adventures may ensue. Now you'd think, since they run the bus lines as well as the trains, they'd immediately reroute as many buses as possible at street level, so as to accommodate all those poor lost souls. Naaahhh! But what's funny (funny strange, not funny ha ha) is that they TELL the poor lost souls that there will be lots of buses waiting for them at street level - and by the time the P.L.S.'s get to the street, and find out that, of course, there ARE no buses - they can't get back into the train station again because of the "potentially hazardous situation" below.

Ha ha! Funny Metro! You always make my life so interesting.

Fortunately, my hero and knight-in-shining-armor, Steve P., risked life & limb to drive allll the way from the beautiful San Fernando Valley to sleazy Vermont & Santa Monica to pick me up, and we wound up having a nice evening after all, dining at the historic Bob's Big Boy in beautiful Toluca Lake.

AND he gave me lots and lots of beautiful roses. So phhhbbttt to the MTA and all their minions!

I'm still gonna tell the Mayor on you, though.


Blogger Steve P said...


You have such a wonderful way with words describing the scene.

Glad you called before I was on the road so I could make appropriate changes in travel plans.

I spent the first year and a half at my previous job taking what was then the RTD (now the MTA-different letters, same attitude) from home to work each day with one transfer about halfway. They seemed to time the schedules to guarantee that the Victory Blvd bus would always miss the connection for the Sepulveda Blvd bus by just enough that you could SEE the north bound Sepulveda bus leave before the Victory Bl bus arrived at it's stop!

Admittedly, I haven't ridden on the MTA or that route since I was able to afford a car after those first 18 months of frustration.

Steve P.

7:52 PM  

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