Monday, March 07, 2005

I found April!!!

Great news! I found the (in)famous April of those hilarious Mercedes Benz of Beverly Hills ads -- the one I praised to the skies a couple of days ago.

Turns out I'm way behind the curve in knowing about her. Her name is APRIL WINCHELL, and here's a link to HER weblog. Apparently she's world famous and super talented and a whole lot of people already knew about her.

Sigh. Well, I never claimed to be perfect. (Actually, I have, but obviously ... once again ... I was wrong!)

Anyway, after a little hunting I found a place where I could shamelessly self-promote my own blog on her site, and also donated a couple of bucks. If anyone other than myself is reading this, why not do the same? I mean, since I don't have my OWN donation system set up yet, April may as well benefit from my own hundreds of thousands of readers. ;-)


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