Friday, March 03, 2006

Depression Central!

It’s been one of those weeks. Snarky boss; rain; Ash Wednesday; and to top it all off, our own sweet Steve P. got fired. (Dagnab it! My sympathies, Steve, but sounds like you're better off out of that place!)

So what next? Well, when I’m feeling really, REALLY down, I open up a special folder on my
RealPlayer, and take a trip to a little place I like to call Depression Central.

In it are songs I’ve downloaded which are really, really depressing.

There’s Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House ("hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over …");

Remember by Harry Nillson ("Remember …is a place from long ago … remember … when you’re sad and feelin’ down …")

All I Can Do by the Carpenters ("All I can do is cry over you and hope you return somedayyyy ...")

Exile by Enya … actually just about ANYTHING by Enya fits very nicely in "Depression Central!"

Dust in the Wind by Kansas ("Dust in the wind ... all we are is dust in the wind" ...) Dig on THAT when you're feelin' low and insignificant!

and of course, what depressing medley would be complete without that all-time dance fave:

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult ("All our times have come … here but now they're gone … 40,000 men and women every day … don’t fear the Reaper").

Sounds AWFULLY depressing, right? (Well, duh. "Depression Central," right?)

But here’s the thing – after listening to these, and other similar songs (lots of Gregorian chant in there too – not Byzantine chant, which is more robust than depressing, though it has its moments) for hours and hours and HOURS (and I’m at work, too, don’t forget that!), I get SO depressed and SO sad that there comes a point where I’m faced with the ultimate decision:

Either kill myself and get it over with –

OR -

open up ANOTHER folder on my RealPlayer called "All Weird Al, All the Time"!

So far I’ve always opted for Weird Al, and never regretted it! Everything You Know Is Wrong has to be THE most philosophically and theologically upbeat song I’ve ever come across. We should sing it in church, it’s that inspiring!

In fact, I’m gonna take the lyric sheet with me to practice next Sunday and suggest it to our choir director. Should go over real well, don’cha think?

"Everything you know is wrong
Black is white, up is down and short is long
And everything you thought was just so
Important doesn't matter

Everything you know is wrong
Just forget the words and sing along
All you need to understand is
Everything you know is wrong!"
– (©1996 Weird Al Yankovic)


Anonymous Steve P said...

Funny thing about being 'fired', I am feeling more relaxed now, even tho' I have no income, than I was in that pressure cooker job I once had. As luck would have it the competition wants to hire me! The only major downside is the 40 mile commute via US 101 (among the most heavily travelled sections of highway in the United States!!!) I'm trying to reduce my stress level.

If I know everything I know is wrong how will I ever know right from wrong?

Steve P

3:11 PM  

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